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Paperless Manufacturing/Job Management

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Job BASE is a Production Document Manager for managing Jobs.  CNC programs, CAD drawings, Setup Sheets, CNC Offset Files, Tool Lists, Setup pictures and Movies are all associated under a Job name and description, which becomes a “Job”.  When Jobs have been created and released to production, a CNC Operator can look at all of the documents associated with a Job in an easy to use graphical interface, eliminating paper documentation.

Job BASE is a browser based application that is integrated with Multi-DNC.  Job BASE runs on any browser from any PC in your LAN.  Job BASE can also be used on non-PC devices, such as Apple iPads and Android based tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy, or the new Google Nexus 7.

Job BASE uses the industry standard Microsoft SQL database with server side processing for the best performance.  SQL Server 2008 Express is recommended and is a free download from Microsoft.  Job BASE can have 1000’s of Jobs in its database and multiple users can use Job BASE simultaneously.

Job BASE™ Features:

Files View of a Job

The Files View of a Job shows a graphic tree with all of the Job Categories and their associated documents.  Files are added by browsing your computer or network.  Files that are part of the Job are viewed by double clicking on them.  Viewing of CNC Programs, PDF Files, Text Files, and Bitmapped Graphics are supported.  ANY other file format that has a browser plug-in can be viewed.

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Transfer Sequence View of a Job

The Transfer Sequence of a View allows you to arrange the order of multiple CNC programs sending to a CNC Control.  An authorized User can also put Jobs on Hold or Release Jobs to production.

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Fields View of a Job

The Fields View of a Job lets the user input Job related information, such as Part numbers and Descriptions, Operation numbers and Descriptions, and Fixture numbers and Descriptions.

Contacts View of a Job

The Contacts View is a simple contact database.  All pertinent Contact Data for the Customer you are doing the Job for is easily available.

 Machines View of a Job

The Machines View of a Job lets you choose exactly which Machines are allowed to use the CNC programs associated with the Job.  The correct files cannot be sent to the wrong CNC Machine.

Notes View of a Job

The Notes View of a Job lets you make free form text notes and they are a permanent part of the Job.

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 DNC View of a Job

The DNC View of a Job enables the Job BASE user to send CNC Programs associated with a Job through Multi-DNC to the CNC Control from the Job BASE interface.  You can send a single file or multiple files and also Abort the Send during communications.

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Job BASE™ Overview 
Job BASE™ Diagram 

Job BASE is a valuable addition to your shop environment and can eliminate most if not all of the paperwork that accompanies production Jobs.  And because Job BASE is browser based you have more choices on which platform you can run it on, not just PC’s, but also Apple iPads and Android based tablets.