Spectrum WiBox™

Wireless or Wired Connectivity

Spectrum WiBox connects all your shop floor CNC machines using IEEE 802.11b/g networks quickly and easily. This simplifies connectivity when your shop floor layout is rearranged. The WiBox is mounted inside the CNC machine cabinet. This allows the WiBox to hook into the DC power supply of the machine using between 9v to 30v. This eliminates the need for external electrical hookups, transformers, external RS-232 cabling, and external surge protection. A short serial cable is connected from the WiBox to the CNC’s RS-232 port. A magnetic mount antenna is placed on top of the control cabinet for the best reception.

Product Features


No Cables to Run

Wired or wireless CNC machine communications via Industry standard IEEE 802.11 b/g interface.


Two-Way Communications

Bi-directional machine communications support DNC features as well as machine monitoring and operator feedback.


Power Source

WiBox is powered off the CNC machine and powers up simultaneously.


Easy to Move

Move or add machines anytime anywhere without re-cabling. As soon as the CNC machine is powered up WiBox finds the network and you are ready to go.


Software Integration

WiBox has true integration to the Multi-DNC communication software, increasing flexibility and productivity with enhanced features.


Ethernet and Serial Support

WiBox supports both types of machine tool communications with secure 128-256-bit data encryption.


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